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Acacia is an accredited partner of both MYOB EXO (an on-premise ERP solution) and MYOB Advanced (a cloud ERP solution). We provide solutions which help businesses achieve control and visibility of day to day business operations. Selecting the right partner is as important as selecting the right software. Acacia’s objective is to provide the highest level of knowledge and a quality service, whilst maximising your return for investment. We work with you to identify your business processes and to develop a strong trusted business relationship. We ensure your new business systems provide solutions to your current problems and increase efficiencies to take your business to the next level. Implementing and supporting ERP systems is what we specialise in. We have a wealth of knowledge, backed by a team of skilled and specialist consultants. For over 25 years we have been passionate about supporting the businesses we work with, as they grow and as their business requirement become more complex.

What makes Acacia unique

Award Winning Customer Service

Acacia were awarded Excellence in Customer Experience Australia Award presented in 2014. Acacia are proudly recognised as being one of the highest performers in customer service throughout the MYOB partner network, Australia and New Zealand wide!

Longest Serving EXO Dealer

Acacia have been implementing and supporting MYOB EXO since 2001 making us the longest serving EXO dealer in Victoria.

Expertise In A Wide Range Of Industry Sectors

Acacia has extensive experience implementing solutions across a wide range of industries; Manufacturing, Imports, Warehouse & Distribution, Building & Trade, and Not for Profit Organisations.

Highly Customisable

Acacia develop a range of customisations to suit individual client requirements (should they be required). This will enable your system to adapt to the changes in your business environment; providing a framework that is robust to meet your current requirements, yet flexible enough to transform with you.

Gain A Deeper Understanding Of Your Business

Acacia work with you, asking you many questions to map out and define your individual processes. This provides both parties with a deeper understanding of your business to deliver real and quantifiable efficiencies that drive your business.

Simplifying Your Transition

Acacia have extensive experience integrating existing 3rd party software systems, making transition easy and providing you with the big picture.
MYOB EXO Excellent in Customer Experience Award 2013

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Indications you have outgrown your current system

MYOB EXO & MYOB Advanced are specifically designed for growing businesses who have outgrown off-the-shelf software products such as MYOB AccountRight, Xero or QuickBooks. These comments are from the clients we have successfully migrated to a new ERP solution for their business:


  • Current accounting system is no longer capable of accommodating your business
  • Need a system that is highly customisable and has the flexibility to use SQL
  • Need to streamline/automate data processes to save cost in administration as departments are currently using multiple software systems and spreadsheets
  • Need a strong support service and a company with experience to assist with our software program

General Ledger, Daily Transactions & Financial reporting

  • Need a robust General Ledger to deal with multi-currency
  • Need to gain more control over financials and visibility to raw data
  • Need visibility of aged debtors
  • Need finances to reflect true/accurate data to further be reported on in management reports
  • Would like to be able to manage multiple company files, gain visibility of P&L per department and also have easy consolidation

Stock, BOM & Serial Tracking

  • Generate landed costs values automatically
  • Struggling to keep track of “realtime” stock levels – not enough control in managing pricing and stock
  • Require batch tracking for multiple warehouses
  • Require BOM for products and would like it to be more traceable
  • Would like to adjust stock and be able to track batches against the cost of goods
  • When processing invoices it doesn’t take into account the deposits that have been paid
  • Want to be able to run multiple projects/jobs at the same time
  • Need a system that can record stock imported from overseas, shipments on the sea and air and want to be able to locate where that stock is
  • Would like to provide warranties and need to be able to track VIN numbers and serial numbers
  • Want to measure employee productivity on jobs
  • Pinpoint which jobs are profitable so you can focus on the jobs that return the most, and control the costs on the least profitable
  • Need stock control to better manage cash flow

Sales, Reporting & CRM

  • Sales reps need a mobile app to manage correspondence and invoices
  • Need to view year or month end reports
  • Currently utilising multiple spreadsheets to generate reports
  • Need standardised templates available instead of manually moving data between Excel and the General Ledger which is time consuming and error prone
  • You would like to get a snapshot view of the day’s sales figures
  • Need clearer insights into job and project costs so it easier to quickly respond to customer needs and questions with accurate real time information
  • Sales staff are not able to access history of customers’ previous orders, current credit status and targeted specials
  • Currently spending too much time correcting errors, because we don’t have customer pricing loaded into the system
  • It is time consuming to reconcile financials
  • Would like sales forecasts based on accurate data instead of presumption
  • Relying on paper-based invoices and sales orders—and spend hours manually entering them into different accounting and sales (CRM) systems
  • It takes ages to consolidate or reconcile financial information across systems and through countless spreadsheets
  • We need confidence in reporting capabilities
  • Streamline day to day sales orders
  • Create quotes that more accurately reflecting the true costs
  • Need better visibility of job costs so more accurate with planning and budget forecasting


  • Need a better payroll with a HR solution
  • Need a payroll which can be integrated with the core financial module to avoid having to manually type up journals into GL during each pay roll run
  • Payroll staff are manually entering every timesheet into separate databases, often resulting in data entry errors and reporting delays
  • Payroll creates a backlog that puts staff out of action for days on end

Acacia Case Studies

The flexibility and customisation EXO provides has improved our business dramatically. It has reduced individual workloads, increased efficiencies and allowed us to react to customers quickly.

Simon Kelton

General Manager of Monacellars Wine & Spirits
Knowing that they’re there, and they’re so capable makes a big difference.

Yury Lebedyantsev

Account Manager of Nulab Professional Imaging
EXO stood out for two reasons in particular, it’s reporting capabilities – specifically for invoice financing – and its ability to flex and change as the business grew.

Graham Ellis

Financial Controller of Eastern Plant Hire
Acacia looked deep into our business and asked all the right questions to make sure they had a sound understanding of our requirements

Ismail Bekir

General Manager of Bekir Pty Ltd (aka Alasya)

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