What does Acacia Document Filer for Attaché do ?

Do you need to file hundreds packing slips or delivery dockets for goods you ship ?

Are you sick of filing hundreds or thousands of packing slips or delivery dockets for goods you ship ?

Acacia Document Filer for Attaché allows you to scan all of your picking slips or delivery dockets and file them automatically in server folders that are linked to the Attaché Sales order.

Once Document Filer for Attaché has done its job, you can look up an order in Attaché, click on the link and view the scanned documents for that order.

No need to file the paper copies.

Setup Steps:

  1. Add a Barcode to the Attache Packing Slip for the Order Number.
  2. Install Acacia’s Document Filer for Attaché.

Usage Steps:

  1. Print the Attache Delivery Docket or Picking slip as normal, and markup with picking notes, or signatures as normal.
  2. Collect all of the marked up documents and scan then into a PDF.
  3. Run Acacia’s Document Filer to split the PDF and store the individual pages in server folder and link them to the Order in Attaché.

This means that you can see, find and retrieve your packing slips and delivery dockets quickly and easily.

  • Save time on paper filing.
  • Save effort in locating your warehousing documentation.
  • Have what you need at your fingertips, quickly, easily, in digital form, all linked to the relevant Sales Orders within your existing Access Attaché system.


If you would like to find out more about the Acacia Document Filer For Attaché, or even Access Attaché itself, then please Contact Us.

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