Academic, Timetabling & Calendar

Maze academic reports are completely customisable allowing you to capture and report on any criteria required for a given reporting period. Using the powerful Maze Report Writer, you can tailor report formats and enhance the image of the school significantly through the production of high quality, professional, tailored, on time reports to parents. Integrating Academic Reporting into the whole school management suite makes sense – schools are able to draw on existing school data such as demographics, timetabling attendance and behaviour when designing and writing reports without the need for difficult data exports.


  • Academic, pastoral care elements, co-curricular information and absentee data can be amalgamated into a report for parents and carers.
  • Unlimited report formats and layouts can be created for different year levels or reporting periods.
  • Customisable comment bank can be maintained.
  • Subjects and report criteria can be drawn from timetabling or entered specifically for a reporting period by the school.
  • Accommodates traditional grade and mark reporting as well as outcome continuum reporting.
  • Schools can set their own performance indicators and link these to subjects Key Learning Areas.
  • Teachers or other curriculum support staff may enter data directly into Maze for academic reporting or via the Open Access function.
  • Teachers can use eMaze for entering report data via the web.
  • Maze Report Writer used to create professional, bespoke report formats and layouts.
  • Consultancy available to assist schools in the design and implementation of academic reports.


The process of planning and designing timetables can be complicated, but the task is made far easier using Maze Timetabling. Schools can schedule subjects, form classes, allocate teachers to each class and personal timetables can be printed for each of your teachers or students in minutes. Maze Timetabling is fully integrated into the Maze School Management System and is the trusted choice for school timetabling. Maze Timetabling, developed over many years in collaboration with schools, is a powerful, sophisticated software program for constructing, maintaining and publishing your timetable.


  • Produce and maintain the school’s timetable.
  • Enter student subject preferences and selections.
  • Generate and manipulate timetable grids.
  • Manage timetable constraints and conflicts.
  • Schedule classes automatically or manually.
  • Allocate teachers, rooms and equipment to classes.
  • Produce timetables for students, teachers, rooms, and resources.
  • Produce class lists.


Maze Calendar cleverly integrates timetabling for the school or individual with other activities scheduled for a particular day of the year to provide a holistic planner for any school member. The Calendar overlays the Master Timetable allowing the school to modify the allocation of days for each week of the year and provides an easy to use tool for scheduling of exams, rooms and teachers replacements.


  • Displays views for Classes, Teachers, Rooms and Students.
  • Easy integration of existing school timetable structures such as class periods, grids and rooms.
  • Functions with either the 12-hour or 24-hour time setting.
  • Simple to record single or recurring school events.
  • Categorisation of events such as sporting events for easy searching and reporting.
  • Presents a matrix of subjects for exams and schedules and produces exam grids based on existing timetables to avoid clashes.
  • Assign replacement teachers or rooms, sourcing free or substitute teachers and rooms from the school timetable.
  • Ability to drill down from an event or timetabled period to the list of students or teachers involved.
  • Easy access to class lists for teachers and/or relief staff.

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