Access Attache Version 20 Now Available

Access Attaché Version 20 Now Available

In case you missed it, Attaché have a new release available – known as Access Attache Version 20.

Attache Version 20 is available as either the locally installed Desktop or the Online options.

It’s all about faster processing and less manual work, so you save time and get more accurate results.

Automated posting to the general ledger is the star of the show, along with improvements to Bank Reconciliation, that make reconciling customer payments far easier.

The addition of email notifications now make Backup Scheduler your “must-have” system tool.  Have you done a back up of your accounting software recently ?

In Payroll, deductions linked to bank accounts now support Child Support payments (Australia) and bank files for New Zealand.


Automated posting to the General Ledger

With automated general ledger posting, transactions are now posted to the appropriate General Ledger account whenever you save (accept) a transaction.  This means your General Ledger stays up to date in real time, and it eliminates the need to manually post batches to the general ledger.


Email notifications in Backup Scheduler

The Backup Scheduler allows you to set up automatic backups of your Attaché datasets (companies) daily, weekly or monthly, and at a specified time of day; you don’t have to be logged in.

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With enhancements to Express Leave and Payroll, filtering options within Bank Reconciliation and new instant display options in the Accounts Dashboard among many other features, now might be a good time to explore the possibility of upgrading to Access Attaché Version 20.

If you would like to discuss your upgrade options, or features to enhance your Attaché usage, please call one of our team to discuss.

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