ACS MYOB EXO Mobile Web App For Android & iOS

We have released a Mobile Application for MYOB EXO to allow staff on the road to be able to look up EXO customers and EXO suppliers using a phone or a tablet, including Android and Apple iPad iOS. This mobile Web App uses live EXO data, so it is always up-to-date. The MYOB EXO App also allows staff to tap on phone number’s or email address’ to contact a customer or supplier directly to make use of their day on the road more time efficient.

Direct Input

Allows Staff to enter Sales Orders out in the field directly into MYOB EXO

Web based

Staff now can access to the data anywhere by any devices with Internet


Can be used on Mobile Tablets or PCs, including Android, iPad and Windows

Powerful yet Flexible

Supports all pricing rules and pricing policies within MYOB EXO

Mobile Web App For MYOB EXO 1
Mobile Web App For MYOB EXO 2
Mobile Web App For MYOB EXO 3

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