Add Pre-configured Worksheet to Maze Menu

The ability to add a pre-configured Maze Worksheet as a level 4 menu item to the Maze Menu is now available. This includes the ability to specify a new name and select a query from the Saved SQL Queries (QS) table. When the user selects the new Maze Menu item, Worksheet opens and loads the relevant records as at that point in time.

This new feature in Maze 9.6 enables you to save a preconfigured Worksheet to the menu so that it can be re-used by yourself or other Maze users at your school.

Step 1: Click on the Worksheet button (toolbar) and setup your Worksheet by writing or designing the query and specifying the columns to be displayed.

maze worksheet button1
Step 2: On your Worksheet toolbar, click Save or Save As to name your pre-configured worksheet and save it to the menu.

save pre-configured worksheet2

Step 3: To open a pre-configured Worksheet, locate it on the menu and double-click. If the worksheet was configured with prompts, these will be displayed.

open worksheet3

Note: To share a Worksheet with other users, you must have “Design Menu” turned on, which requires specific permissions. Without “Design Menu” any newly created Worksheets are added to the user’s Favourites menu.

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