An EASY way to check in Attaché for customers who are in dispute!

With the Customer Risk Analysis you can easily review customers who are “In Dispute” and turn off (or on) the “In-Dispute” check box.

To identify all the customers who are “In-Dispute”:
From the menu : Masterfiles | Customers | Customers | Customer Risk Analysis
In Options select “In dispute Customer only”, and select (F9) Accept to see the list of the “In Dispute” customers.

We can now use this list as a reviewing tool to decide those that should remain “In Dispute” or have their flag changed.
From the list you can make All No (F12) (ie remove the In Dispute flag) or you can select an account by highlighting the and make individual accounts NO (F7) and Update (F9) to action the updated list.

customer risk analysis

Stay tuned for the instalment………..How to Automatically place customers In Dispute.

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