Assign contacts in EXO to multiple accounts

Contacts are entities in their own right and do not have to be linked with a Debtor, Creditor or Non-account. Contacts can also be easily assigned to one or more debtor and creditor account if required.

Add a new contact in MYOB EXO

  1. Click on theadd new contact icon in the toolbar of the Contacts tab.
  2. Enter the contact details
  3. Click the copy addressicon in the toolbar and choose to copy either the company postal address or company.
  4. Save and Exit

TIP You can search for a post code by clicking on the and typing the suburb. You can also click on the next to the name field, to add a Salutation if required.
contact name

Associate a contact to multiple debtors, creditors or non-accounts in MYOB EXO

  1. Open the account you wish to assign the contact to.
  2. Click on the Contacts tab.
  3. Once in the contacts tab you can either assign and create a new contact, or you can associate an existing contact to the account.
  4. If the contact you wish to associate is already on the database, click on the associate contact icon.
  5. Search for the contact and then double-click the contact to assign it to the account.

Set contact as default contact in MYOB EXO

Any contact can be assigned default contact status, however there can only be one default contact per account.

Open the account for which you wish to assign default status.

  1. Click on the Contacts tab.
  2. Make sure that the correct contact is highlighted then click the default contact icon.

Edit a contact to link it to multiple debtor/creditor accounts

You can do this by editing each individual debtor/creditor and associating the contact to it as outlined above; or alternatively you can do this from within the contact.

  1. Open the contact that you want to edit (done through the Maintain Contacts button).
    maintain contacts
  2. Click on the Accounts tab.
  3. Use the drop-down arrow next to the link icon associate contact and select either debtor or creditor then search for the relevant account before clicking ‘Select & Close’.