Accounting from Attaché with BI

Businesses frequently have up to 10% of turnover locked up inside inefficient business systems that record transactional information without going to the next step of providing the immediate analysis of the that information. Attaché Accounts has inbuilt tools to provide the know-how, enabling you to see real Business Improvement.

Control your debtors and manage your cash flow

If it can be measured, it can be managed!

  • Use built-in Dashboards to track your debtors, monitor overdue accounts and to view the cash required in the coming weeks.
  • Use Customer Risk Analysis to reduce your exposure to bad debts and slow payers, by placing the customers “In Dispute” to prevent shipments going out.
  • Use Debtor Collect to automate friendly reminders, for faster collection and money in your bank.

Flexible financials, advanced reporting

Attaché has several template chart of accounts you can use, or you can design your own, which could include departmental reporting and consolidated reports. The many predefined reports, utilise optional ranges and sequences, and drill down to the source data, but if the reports don’t suit, then create your own. For every report, the printing parameters can be saved for each person.

Reduce expenses by controlling purchases

Use the password controlled requisition and approval process to eliminate unnecessary and unauthorised expenses. Check the suppliers invoice against the purchases you placed to highlight any variances in price and quantity ordered. Stop the mistake of ordering slow selling, superseded or too many high value items.

Know everything about your stock

Stock availability, in locations; using barcodes for inners and outers, with different barcodes from suppliers. Reserve stock for current orders, pick stock from picking slip and convert to invoices and perform rolling stock takes to ensure the right stock is available.

Delivery documents electronically – saving money and time

Attaché’s unique document management solution not only delivers the documents securely, the system goes beyond basic emailing of PDFs and provides a monitoring tool so you can check when the receiver opens it. Streamline and reduce administration costs, not only in time but also stationery with different document layouts.

Multi-user and remote access

Staff can access information they need, wherever they are. Attaché can be accessed from multiple locations or when out of the office.

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