Attaché CRM

Professional marketing promotions

  • Create and send mass HTML emails to individuals or businesses
  • Merge contact and accounting data to personalise marketing campaigns
  • Target promotions
  • Customer’s contact history can be updated automatically

Integrate discussions

  • Centralise and capture all correspondence with customers
  • Store contacts and departments per company with categories for easy follow up

Instant Sales History

  • Track what your customers are buying and their purchasing habits
  • Instantly view client’s history e.g. top products purchased, purchase frequency, recent comments or outstanding quotes

Faster debtor payments

  • Prior to a customer placing a new order, collect their outstanding payments
  • View CRM history, such as payments, comments and emails
  • Transactions are immediately available

Customisation and reporting

  • Customer and prospect information is easily accessed and can be included in any report 
  • Customise the standard on-screen widgets 
  • Highlight overdue invoices in red 
  • Customise reports 
  • Add additional views 

One complete system, no silos

  • CRM is embedded throughout Attaché Accounts so all customer and prospect information is integrated
  • No integration hassles or data duplication

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