Attache End Of Year Roll Over Procedures

Attache End Of Year Roll Over Procedures

With the end of the Financial Year fast approaching (again !!), thoughts are turning to balancing the books and performing your End Of Financial Year Roll Over (EOFY).

There are several steps involved with finalising your EOFY via your Attache software.  Some steps worth doing ahead of time to confirm that you have the correct data and figures ready for when you need them.

Fortunately, Attache have some excellent “Help” documentation that can step you through the entire process.

These Payroll FAQs are a great place to start :

The topics covered and Frequently Asked Questions related to End of Year with Single Touch Payroll:

  • Fringe Benefits Tax – FBT,
  • Single Touch Payroll – STP Finalisation,
  • Income Statement Reports – For Reconciliation,
  • Linking your History Payroll to your Primary Payroll Company,
  • Loading new Tax Scales,
  • Miscellaneous Housekeeping tasks.

There are two main concepts involved with the Attache EOFY process.

1 – Accounts End-of-Year 2019/20 Processing (Australia) –


2 – Payroll End-of-Year 2019/20 Processing (Australia) –


There are two video recording of the webinars Attaché (Access Group) recorded for both End of Year on Accounting and Payroll.  They can be found here:

Attache End Of Year Roll Over Procedures

End of Year can be a little overwhelming – especially during difficult business conditions when you are probably very keen to ensure that your figures are correct.

Please remember that you are not alone with running your Attache EOFY processes and procedures.

If you need a hand, Acacia Consulting Services is only a phone call or an email away !

Call us on ph +61 3 8560 5220

or Contact Us and let us know how we can help you !


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