Attaché Payroll

Attaché Payroll provides fast, accurate payroll processing as a stand-alone payroll system, or fully integrated with Attaché Accounts. The software has the power and flexibility to adapt as your business grows, backed by local development and support to ensure it’s up-to-date.

Superannuation contributions in Attaché can be paid by using ClickSuper, a secure system that is SuperStream ready. You don’t need to run separate superannuation reports and send individual payments, you can simply transfer superannuation details to ClickSuper for validation and schedule your payment.

Payroll automation

  •  Auto-pay functionality
  •  Automate tax, leave and super calculations
  •  Built-in auto checks and alerts
  •  Pay advices and summaries can be delivered securely by email using an unlock code

Easy to learn and use

  • Intuitive workflow backgrounds
  • Add favourites to the desktop
  • View recent activity 
  • Access to real-time dashboards which show key payroll information 

Simple Management

  • Manage staff remuneration with unlimited allowances, deductions and income types 
  • Employees can have their own secure inbox where they can access their pay advices and other payroll documents
  • Create group templates and apply to similar employees to make updates to pay rates and leave entitlements 
  • Map general ledger accounts against payroll cost centres to allocate payroll expenses accurately 


Payroll Dashboards

  • View your employee details
  • Answer staff questions
  • Manage staff leave requests and availability
  • Track sick day trends
  • Prepare for upcoming reviews and anniversaries
  • Add and attach notes on HR issues and workplace incidents

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