Attaché Sales SWOT

Mobile sales intellegence

  • Sales staff have access to customer buying habits, conversation history and potential opportunities 
  • Data is instantly available through a mobile device using cloud technology 

Identify weaknesses

  • Sales reps can identify negative trends for specific customers
  • Identify when sales are decreasing or if purchasing frequency has slowed down
  • Minimise losses and reverse downward trends

Minimise external threats

  • Get proactive warnings on existing customers 
  • Warning signs to review pricing 
  • Identify possible data entry errors 
  • Identify potential competitive threats 

Identify new sales opportunities

  • Automatically comparing similar customers and their buying patterns
  • Identify opportunities 
  • View which existing clients are not buying high potential products 

Intuitive and Easily Integrated

  • Connect to any accounting system
  • Integration with your existing system is likely to be available

View sales notes and contacts

  • Sales staff can quickly add meeting or phone call notes
  • View contacts and reminders

Grow sales strengths

  • View frequent and recent purchases
  • Receive alerts when a high number of products are purchased
  • Achieve up-sells that may have been missed
  • Capitalise on existing strengths

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