Attaché Scorecard Best Cloud Product Award

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Attache Software has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Best Cloud Product in The Australian Business Awards 2014 for their outstanding commitment to innovation with the initiative known as the Attaché Scorecard.

Since launching in 1981, Attache Software has helped over 30,000 SMEs improve their business performance. The latest offering is the Attaché Scorecard, which is a free, quick self-assessment ‘health-check’ to assist business owners, advisors and accountants.

“The Attaché Scorecard not only quantifies a business’s potential for growth but also helps provide the all-elusive ‘How’. We decided to offer the tool complimentary to all SMEs so that in a precious few minutes they can see their potential cash flow improvement, identify which areas to target and review over 350 practical business improvement tactics,” adds Mike Rich, managing director and co-founder of Attache Software.

The Australian Business Awards are a national, all-encompassing awards program honouring Australia’s business, innovation and technology leaders through the recognition of their ground-breaking vision, innovative products and exemplary execution of projects, technologies, service, programs, systems and other initiatives.

Tara Johnston, Program Director, says, “With a modernised economy we are experiencing notable change in business with new market and social needs expanding rapidly. The ABA100 Winners are reflective of a nation-wide commitment to innovation and improvement, with the award honouring their evident traction within their respective industries.

“The program places value on a proactive approach to instigating long-term solutions and generating positive outcomes to ensure a bright economic future for Australians, through the recognition of demonstrated commitment to putting bold ideas into motion and creating products that matter,” Johnston adds.

Conducted annually, The Australian Business Awards are now in their ninth year with one hundred winners (“The ABA100”) announced in a variety of established categories across all industries. The business award categories are open to the corporate, government and non-government sectors. The product awards are open to tangible or intangible products ranging from manufactured goods, devices, equipment, services, programs, projects, activities, information, knowledge, software, platforms and systems.

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