Attaché Stationery

Secure Payslips

  • Confidential, secure and tamper-proof
  • Prints sealed straight from Attaché
  • Manufactured using high density 100gsm paper and quality glue
  • Highly professional business document.
Attache Stationery A4 Peel Seal Pay Slip
Attache Stationery Confidential Pay Envelope 04-APC

Attaché Confidential Pay Envelopes

  • Distribute employee pay slips efficiently and securely
  • Fed continuously onto a dot-matrix printer
  • Details are transferred by the carbon lining onto the inside of the envelope
  • Content cannot be seen from the exterior

Cheques & Remittances

  • Updates your accounts payable records
  • Issue payments from your software
  • Cost-effective and professional
Attache Stationery A4 Cheque Remittance 05-087
Attache Stationery A4 Statement Remittance 04-AST-A4

Invoices and statements

  • Improves cash flow
  • Reduces account enquiries 
  • High quality business documents
  • Makes it easier for customers to read and understand using colour highlights on forms

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