Attaché Stocktake Process

It’s that time of year when everyone is thinking about their annual stock take, below are the steps for performing a stock take:


Step 1 Create work data

This step will capture the current product quantities based on your product selection, product group, location or bin range.

To create work data, choose Transactions | Products | Stocktake | Create work data.

  • If you intend to create multiple stocktakes, enter your stocktake number, then enter the group, product or bin range as required.
  • Choose Accept (F9) to complete your selections and Close (Esc) to return to the menu.

Step 2 Print worksheets

Then print the worksheets with the lists of products in the stocktake and their location, so you can count the stock and note the actual (physical) quantities.

To print worksheets, choose Transactions | Products | Stocktake | Print worksheets.

  • Select the stocktake number and sequence and the options required.
  • Page Down to select the output device. To complete this report press Print (F9) and then Close (Esc) to return to the menu.

Note: Your physical count should be carried out as soon as you have created the stocktake work data and printed your worksheets. No transactions for a product should be processed until the physical count for that product is complete.

Step 3 Physically check stock numbers

At this step you count the actual quantities available in stock.

  • Use the worksheets to record the actual quantity of stock on hand.
  • Once the count of all products on the worksheet has been completed you can continue normal processing. You do not need to wait until the actual quantities are entered back in the system.

Step 4 Enter physical quantities

At this step, enter the actual product quantities into the system. This can be done electronically using a KFI if the physical quantities are noted in a spreadsheet for example.

To enter actual quantities, choose Transactions | Products | Stocktake | Enter Physical Quantities.

  • Select the relevant stocktake number.
  • Enter either Yes or No to Set Physical Quantity to Book Quantity. (Select Yes if you want the book quantity to display in the stock quantity field for each product. This allows you to simply accept the quantity details for any product where the quantity has not changed.)
  • Select the same sequence chosen when printing your worksheets.
  • Choose Accept (F9) to begin entering stock quantities. Enter the actual quantity counted for each stock item in the Stock Quantity field, pressing Accept (F9) after each entry. If Purchase Conversions is enabled in Product Options, the Purch Quantity field is displayed. Note that these fields will display the In Stock Unit and Purchase Unit labels entered against product masterfile.
  • Adjust the default Cost Centre for each variance if necessary.
  • When all products have been updated, exit the screen.

Step 5 Confirm variances

Next, confirm the product quantities in the system match the counted stock quantities.

To confirm stock variances, choose Transactions | Products | Stocktake | Variance Report.

  • Select the relevant stocktake number and sequence required.
  • Page Down and select the output device required.
  • Choose Print (F9) to print the Stocktake Variance Report.
  • Double check that all variances are correct. If an error has occurred, return to Enter Physical Quantities step and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Repeat this process until all variances are correct.

Step 6 Update stock levels

Lastly, update the system stock levels to the actual product quantities.

Take a backup before proceeding with this step.

To update stock levels, choose Transactions | Products | Stocktake | Product File Update.

  • Select the stocktake number or range of numbers as required and choose Accept (F9) to update stock levels.
  • During the Product File Update, the variance quantity will be added to or deducted from the current quantity in stock for each product.

The variance quantity is the difference between the physical count entered and the book quantity at the time the stocktake was created. As it is the variance and not the physical count that updates the product, the new in stock quantity will be correct even if there have been receipts, invoices and so on entered while physical counts were being entered.

  • When the update is complete, a message will ask “Keep work data? Yes/No”. Choose No to clear work data otherwise duplicate stocktake details could be generated. If you wish to keep the stocktake open, choose Yes. You can clear the work data later via Transactions | Products | Stocktake | Clear Work Data.
  • The update will automatically create the general ledger journal entry between inventory and stock variance.
  • Print the Product Status Report from Reports | Products | Periodical | Product Status to ensure the stock details are as required before continuing.
  • Post the stocktake to the General Ledger when ready.


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