alasya bakery

Alasya Turkish Restaurant (AKA Bekir) is a multi-dimensional business that includes a retail butcher, a wholesale bakery and a large restaurant. With 75 staff and counting, the business is growing steadily. But expansion means more products, more customers and more transactions. And that creates more data.

Benefits Alasya have gained from MYOB EXO:

Accessible by multiple personnel. Most importantly though, it was customisable, which gave us confidence that it would adapt to our changing needs as a business now, and in the future.”
“Create standard orders for customers”
“We also needed to create appropriate packing stickers, which took into account client requirements and packaging limitations.”

Ismail Bekir, Managing Director
Bekir have been a client since 2008


Abyss has been very successful in launching many global brands into the Australian market. Abyss is currently home to leading global fashion and accessory brands.

Benefits gained from MYOB EXO

“SCS Matrix – Invoicing Speed and Order accuracy. Multiple Stock Codes created quickly.”
“EXO’s access to the tables leads to almost any custom reporting being feasible.”
Ability to integrate with Web Stores, EDI, 3PL, eParcel and CRM’s.”

Paul Horsey, Director
Abyss have been an Acacia client since 2016


Monacellars specialises in liquor and coffee wholesaling, retail and logistics.

Benefits Monacellars have gained from MYOB EXO:

“The flexibility and customisation EXO provides has improved our business dramatically.”
Invoicing is clearer. We now have real time data and additional custom product data. We can provide reporting to our management and sales teams.”
“Clearer statements and improved customer communication have made collecting debts easier.
Stock Management – “Stocktaking has improved our stock management, and sales order errors have decreased.”
Reduced individual workloads, increased efficiencies and allowed us to react to customers quickly.”

Simon Kelton, Sales Manager
Monacellars have been an Acacia client since 2008


Timbermate manufacture and distribute unique water based products that are accepted worldwide.

Benefits Timbermate have gained from MYOB EXO:

“Obtaining reports through Sales Analysis Designer is easy and always up-to-date in one database.”
Integration – “Streamlined office processes such as emailing statements and invoices straight out of the software.”
“Significant improvement on stock control. Accurate stock levels and costings bought about by utilising works orders to cope with the manufacturing processes.”

Errol Mymin, Managing Director
Timbermate have been an Acacia client since 2014


Windsor Wholesale is a “single item pick” distribution company, and hence we require accurate pick, pack and dispatch systems. “Together with our MYOB EXO support partner, Acacia Consulting have been able to achieve a cost effective world class picking system. The Acacia pick scanning system uses readily available hardware. An iPad and a Bluetooth scanner and you are away.”

Benefits Windsor Wholesale have gained from MYOB EXO:

“EXO Sales Orders seamlessly load onto the iPad in real time and the sequential pick scan process by bin location makes for ultimate accuracy in supply.”
“We have seen marked improvement in speed of pick, with significantly lower error rate, thanks to built-in barcode validation.”
“The resultant data now assists us in reviewing and improving operational and employee performance in a far more tangible way than ever before.”
“Acacia make EXO come alive in the distribution environment.”

Greg Ayton, Computer System Operations
Windsor Wholesale have been an Acacia Client since 2006