Bring up a Maze Worksheet that you used last year

How would you quickly bring up a Maze Worksheet that you used last year?
Find out how to save and re-use SQL Queries in Maze Worksheet

Creating an SQL Query in Worksheet either in the “Query By Example” window or in the “Query Designer” window can be useful and even more so when you are able to re-use it next term, next semester or next year.
After creating a useful query the first step is to save the query itself.

save query

Make sure you name the query that easily identifies it’s use. This query returns all students for an operator selected House; hence I have called it ST_HOUSE (student table (ST) and HOUSE). Click on the OK button.

store an sql

Now whenever you, or anyone else, opens up Worksheet, the stored SQL Query (ST_HOUSE) will be available for use.

Click on the Open toolbutton on the Home Ribbon.

open worksheet

Select ST_HOUSE from the Stored SQL Key dropdown and click OK and then OK again

read a stored sql

The ST_HOUSE query is now ready for use. Click Apply from the Home Ribbon and the relevant data will be shown.

apply query

Remember you are storing the query, not the data, so every time you re-run the query the data returned is current.


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  1. Chris Jamieson Says :

    Posted on June 3, 2015 at 3:26 PM

    I use this with very old notes. This email is very helpful. Thankyou.