Business Alerts in MYOB EXO

Business Alerts offer a great way to provide automatic feedback to users or managers when certain criteria occur.

As an example we have recently set up business alerts in MYOB EXO for a business which has a hierarchical purchase order authorisation process, with staff being authorised to generate purchase order of a value based on their role within the organisation.

Utilising business alerts we have configured a procedure where if a purchase order is raised and the value exceeds the authority of the raiser, an alert will be raised on screen for the staff member (giving them a chance to amend the order) with a prompt for emailing of the order to be sent to the authorising officer.

The authorising officer then receives an email with a link to the purchase order and can then authorise the order for transmission.

This is an example of how Business Alerts can be utilised within an organisation to create efficiencies, can you think of an example that would improve your business processes?

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