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As part of the Civica Education Suite, Civica are developing a new finance solution for all schools. CE Finance is a web browser delivered solution, which will provide you with 24/7 access to your financials from any location with Internet connectivity.

CE Finance builds and improves upon the existing Maze Finance package and provides time saving benefits for day-to-day processing with easy access to comprehensive information on your general ledger, creditors and debtors.


Here are some of the highlights:

CE Finance provides you with comprehensive historical information whenever you need it, as all previous years’ transactions for all of the ledgers (General Ledger, Creditors, Debtors, …) are being retained at EOY.

– You have the option of processing in multiple financial periods at the same time, which will take some pressure off at the end of year.

– The process of reconciling bank accounts has been automated to a large degree, as CE Finance provides the ability to import and auto-reconcile bank statements.

– You can quickly and easily drill-down: from General Ledger transactions to the originating ledger (and back), from invoices to payments (and back), …

– CE Finance provides all of the above and a lot more, including the ability to add notes and electronic attachments to individual transactions and a new set of cash flow reports to assist schools with assessing and tracking their current and future cash flow position.

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