ClickSuper Update

ClickSuper is a fully compliant SuperStream product with the highest certification levels across all aspects of SuperStream functionality. As a ClickSuper user you are already SuperStream software compliant but for you to become fully SuperStream compliant requires some changes to your ClickSuper uploads:

1. Mandatory entry rules have changed – more data fields are mandatory in SuperStream
2. Contributions to Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF’s) require an Electronic Service Address (ESA)
3. All non-SMSF superannuation contributions require a Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI). In some cases this is the SPIN code but in many cases it is not.

Depending on the size of your company and/or the number of super funds you pay, achieving SuperStream compliance may take a few pay cycles.

To assist in this process ClickSuper will:
• Send your contribution via SuperStream wherever possible
• Auto-register an SMSF with the free ClickSuper ESA (‘CLICKSUPER’) and send the employee a confirmation email if no ESA is provided on upload
• Send your contribution via the non-SuperStream compliant process if the SuperStream mandatory data is missing or you are contributing to a non-SuperStream product
• Notify you of non-SuperStream compliant contributions
• Provide you with a list of non-compliant contributions

How do I achieve SuperStream compliance?

There are three steps to compliance:

1. Check your software can send contributions via SuperStream
Check with your payroll software/service provider that the version you are using is SuperStream compliant and/or they have migrated to the ClickSuper SuperStream version.
2. Check you have the mandatory SuperStream data
Tick/Check the ClickSuper ‘Apply SuperStream Validation Rules’ check box. This will request you to nominate your default fund(s) and validate your next upload to ensure all the mandatory SuperStream fields are present. If your data is rejected you can un-tick/un-check the box to ensure your contributions are processed.
3. Check you are ready for each milestone cut-off date
When you upload your superannuation contributions ClickSuper will notify you by email if you are contributing to funds/product codes that are not fully SuperStream compliant.
ClickSuper will display on the dashboard the number of non-compliant funds/product codes used in the most recent two uploads. You can click on the numbers to display the list of funds and the employees contributing to them.
Milestone Cut-off Dates

If you are contributing to a non-SuperStream product or the SuperStream mandatory data is not present ClickSuper will (until 1stFebruary 2016) use the non-SuperStream compliant contribution process.
1. Milestone – 1st November 2015
From 1st November 2015 ClickSuper will cease contributions to non-SuperStream products that require payment by cheque.
2. Milestone – 1st February 2016
From 1st February 2016 ClickSuper will cease contributions to non-SuperStream products.

Apply SuperStream Validation Rules – Step 1

• A user with the correct access rights (e.g. the System Administrator) logs into ClickSuper
• ClickSuper displays the Dashboard
• Click on the name of your company in the top line of the web page (see orange arrow)

clicksuper dashboard

Apply SuperStream Validation Rules – Step 2

• The Administrator checks (clicks on) the ‘Apply SuperStream Validation Rules’ check box (see orange arrow)

clicksuper test

Apply SuperStream Validation Rules – Step 3

• ClickSuper will request a Default Fund be nominated
• After selecting the default fund the user clicks the ‘tick’ to SAVE their choice

set default fund

Non-SuperStream Fund/Product(s) Notification

• Sent to ‘Email Address for Contribution Response’

contribution response

Locating Non-SuperStream Fund/Product Contribution(s)

• Click on the number in the ‘LATEST UPLOAD’ or ‘PREVIOUS’ column to see all the non-SuperStream compliant contributions contained in the upload



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