5 ways cloud-based software can improve business performance

cloud based software improve business performance

With COVID-19 lockdown measures expected to continue, many companies have been forced to work remotely at home. Utilising cloud-based software can improve business performance for your staff and business.

What is cloud-based software?

Cloud-based software is literally software based online. In the same way as software and documents are stored on physical computer or servers in an office, cloud-based software offers all the same benefits, but with the ability to work remotely.

There are a number of advantages to using cloud-based software, from access to increased security, which are especially important in COVID-19 times. At Acacia, we offer a range of MYOB cloud-based software options, ranging from payroll to inventory management.

Accessibility and flexibility

As long as your staff have internet access, they have the flexibility to access all their business needs using systems, such as MYOB Advanced Business Partner. Whether staff access MYOB from their laptop, home desktop computer, tablet or even their phone, it is vital they have real time information to avoid doubling up errors.

Increased security

Cloud-based software gives your business greater security levels. You will no longer face issues such as hardware failures or file loss. In addition, cloud-based software helps prevents hackers and data breaches.

Improved remote team work and productivity

With more people working from home during COVID-19, cloud-based software systems allow staff to stay in touch and access information in real time. This creates a more productive remote workplace, which can reduce the stress and anxiety of working in isolation.

Space Saving

Using MYOB Advanced Business Partner cloud-based systems can save space in your office. Remember bulky filing cabinets? With cloud-based software, they’re a thing of the past. With the exception of backups, your business will no longer need servers and data centres in your office. It also creates more office floor space for staff to work or potentially downsize your office space.

Reduce Costs

One of the major benefits of using cloud-based systems is the massive cost savings. There are minimal upfront and ongoing costs. These cost savings range from maintenance to physical costs such as a reduction in electricity usage, staffing and potentially office space.

How can Acacia help?

At Acacia, we are industry leaders in helping businesses overcome issues, rebound and become more profitable. We can help implement MYOB Advanced Business Partner into your business. With Acacia, you know your business is working with the best in the industry. Acacia has the knowledge and experience across any business sector to provide the most cost-effective solution for your business.

If you are looking for an experienced MYOB representative to help implement MYOB Advanced Business Partner into your business and would like to discuss your needs, please contact us to make an appointment with one of our team members.