Configuring EXO Employer Services for Super Stream

Step 1. Confirm which method of sending information to the Super Fund/s will be used

For example, will all information be sent to one clearing house or will information be sent electronically to each individual super fund?

Confirm the file format the electronic contribution files as required by your chosen Clearing House.

Step 2. Configure the Superannuation Information

Go to Setup Payroll (Utilities – Setup EXO Payroll) and select ‘Superannuation Setup’

Enter information in to all four areas where applicable.

setup payroll

For configuring Clearing House information:

Enter the details of who the Clearing House will be.

Select the layout for the contribution file.

Select the details on what pays should be included in the contribution file (ie based on physical pay date or pay period end).

super clearing house

Step 3. Configure the Superannuation Providers

Go to Superannuation Provider Maintenance (Maintenance – Superannuation Providers).

Enter the information required.

super provider maintenance

To simplify the entering of this information, Employer Services has a function to look up Super Fund information with the Australian Taxation Office. Select the ATO Super Fund Lookup button.

provider details

Enter the Name of the Super Fund and click Search.

super fund lookup

Then select the correct Super Fund.

select super

Step 4. Create Contribution Files

Go to Pay Superannuation (Pay – Pay Superannuation).

Create a new Batch and enter the relevant filter information (if applicable)

super batch details

Either Select All pays or individually choose the pays applicable

select all

When ready Save the Batch

save batch

You will be prompted to Export the Batch. Click Yes.

You will be prompted to view the file in the folder. Click Yes and ensure the file is there.

You will be prompted to go to the Clearing House’s website to upload the file. Click Yes otherwise you will need to manually go to the website and upload later.

Step 5. Pay the Super Clearing House or Super Funds

Most Clearing Houses require that they direct debit monies from the nominated bank account once they receive the file. If this is not the case then you will need to pay the Clearing House or Super Funds manually.