Cover your ass-ets. Where are they? What are they worth?

The majority of businesses have them, yet many businesses keep their Fixed Assets in a spreadsheet. Manage your Assets more efficiently with a package that assists you to keep thorough records and greatly reduces the possibility of calculation errors when using Excel.

Installing a Fixed Asset package allows you to run an automated Fixed Asset depreciation calculation, process rate changes and re-calculate the depreciation. Avoid double keying by integrating Fixed Assets with your General Ledger. Easily work with up to three different depreciation calculations – Accounting, Tax and Alternate.


For increased budgetary control – forecast your depreciation.


Setup a Service Diary for your Assets. Here you are able to enter, maintain and report on information relating to the maintenance of the asset.

service diary

In setting up a Fixed Asset system you will save time at year end when the Auditors / Accountant ask you for your asset reconciliation – a push of a button and it’s done!

assets reconciliation

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