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One user may only be interested in general financial information, and they commonly access the following formats:

Family Trial Balance – 30 to120+ days (DF21101);
Trial Balance (CR21101S) (for Creditors);
Monthly Board Report (GL21153);
Statement of Income and Expenditure (GL21150);

Trial Balance 30, 60, 90, 120 days (DR21101) (for Sundry Debtors).

To add these reports to the Favourites folder, right click on the required format, and then click ‘Add to favourites’.
create your favourites menu  image 1

Once you select to add the item to your Favourites a dialogue box will be displayed, asking you what title you would like to give the format in your Favourites.

You can change the name if you like, by overtyping the existing name.

Click ADD when you are satisfied with the name.

create your favourites menu  image 2

You will find all of your select formats in the Favourites folder, located in the first level menu.

create your favourites menu image 3

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