Delete old records from the Asset Register in Maze

Asset records for disposed items can be deleted as part of the End of Year process.
Removing an Asset is a two stage process:
1. Removing any old transactions which may be linked to the asset records and
2. Deleting the Asset record.

Clearing the old records attached to the Asset

There is a Maze Task on the menu under Financial > End of Period > End of Year Process > Clear Old Asset Transactions (Task). This may need to be added to your Menu if it cannot be found.

old asset trans

Select a printer for the report and then click  run


This task will prompt you for the types of Asset transactions you wish to clear out, and then delete those transactions if they relate to the previous financial year.
Click OK to the following message.

clear old trans

Click OK once you have taken a backup of your database.

clear old trans2

Select Y for all the options and then click OK.

clear old trans3

Click OK.

clear old trans4

A message will appear confirming the task has finished. You can now close the screen.
Note: This task only deletes transactions from previous financial years.

clear arf

To Remove the Asset Record

Financial > Assets > View and Maintain Assets > Asset Information (AR110015)
Select the record to be deleted e.g. 6000 XEROX 4120 COPIER – Blue
Select the Edit ribbon
Click Delete Item

asset info

Note: If the asset has any current year transactions or is not flagged as Fully Disposed, then the asset cannot be deleted.