Development Office


  • Records associations with their members and their positions.
  • Members can be linked to multiple associations.
  • Schedules meetings for associations.
  • Tracks meeting details and attendance.
  • Provides reports for association members and meeting attendance.
  • Record, view and maintain detailed donor information.
  • Associate donors to students or staff.
  • Associate donors to appeals and events.
  • Record financial information about the donor.
  • Create Mail labels for selected donors.
  • Handle financial transactions for; pledges, one-off gifts, event attendance, appeals and bequests.
  • Create appeals for fundraising activities.
  • Link appeals to Maze Financials.
  • Record fundraising events logistics and details.
  • Link actual and potential donors to an event.
  • Record event attendance; record their acceptance and any ticket sales.
  • Record event acceptances and any ticket sales.
  • Produce statistics on how many donors attend events.
  • Provide a history for an individual donor and to see how many events they attend.
  • Create ‘Thankyou’ letters for donations and event attendances.
  • Track the financial position of the event.

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