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What Do I Need To Consider When Upgrading From Entry-Level Accounting Software?

Your accounting software that once performed so well now struggles. More errors are creeping into day-to-day operations and routine processes seem to take much longer than they used to.

You need a software solution that can keep up with your growing business, or even help take you to the next level. But the patchwork of manual processes, workarounds and software ‘add-ons’ that keep your old accounting system running don’t talk to each other.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems offer a suite of tools that provide not only accounting functionality, but can also integrate and potentially automate business operations. They enable you to manage all your activities from one platform and see what is happening across your entire business.

It sounds simple enough but a number of different issues need to be considered when replacing introductory accounting software. An ERP system needs to be customised for each business, integrated with existing operations and implemented in an orderly manner. How will you know that the system you buy is going to deliver the outcomes your business needs?

This ERP Software Buying Guide eBook is designed to help those who believe their current system isn’t quite cutting it anymore, but are uncertain of the next steps.  This eBook streamlines the software search and will assist you in making a sound investment decision that will transform your business.

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