eMaze Parent Pay


  • Any credit card surcharge is automatically added to the payment amount and then applied to the family account as an additional invoice
  • Finance staff are notified via email when an online payment has been processed and can view a history of online payments in Maze
  • Online payments are applied to parent accounts via an automated receipts batch process
  • Parents have 24/7 access to up-to-date account information
  • Parents can process credit card payments at anytime from anywhere
  • Schools chose which card types to accept and can specify an individual surcharge (as %) for each card


Improve your cash flow

Emailing of account statements and reminders, combined with the ability to accept credit card payments 24/7 increases the chances of prompt payment of outstanding fees.

Free up time for your finance team

Administrative overheads are reduced as parents view their own account information, process payments online and print their own receipts.

Reduce postage and printing costs

With eMaze Parent Pay, account management moves online, reducing the need and costs associated with printed invoices, reminder letters and receipts.

Keep parents happy with an easy and convenient way to pay fees

Many families use credit cards for managing their finances, making use of interest-free periods and maximising their return on the various associated rewards schemes. eMaze Parent Pay provides parents with this convenient payment option.

Please Note: eMaze Module is a pre-requisite for eMaze Parent Pay

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