Your school can now manage enrolment enquiries from prospective parents using the new Maze Enquiries Module. For many schools, enquiries are manually recorded on handwritten lists or typed into spreadsheets, and keeping track of requests and follow-ups is a manual and time consuming process.

The Maze Enquiries Module provides a simple and convenient way for you to record and keep track of enquiries effortlessly within Maze. Users can record the relevant information directly into your Maze database and once entered the information is instantly available for reporting and analysis.

You can also view the communication history for every enquirer and contact them quickly and easily via SMS, email or automated mail-merge.


  • Keep track of enquiries and their current status.
  • Record correspondence details and notes.
  • Use emails or SMS to contact individual enquirers or groups of prospective parents.
  • View the communication history for every enquirer.
  • Record attendance of school tours or interviews.
  • Use pre-configured Word templates to automatically generate open day invitations, follow-up letters and reminders.
  • Generate mailing labels.
  • Automatically create family and student records (future or current) for enquiries that progress through to be waitlisted.
  • Provide easy access to projected student numbers for future years, which consider current and future enrolments (ST and EN) as well as enquiries.
  • Provide statistical information on the source of enquiries.
  • Provide information on withdrawn enquiries.

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