Enterprise Bargaining Rocks!

enterprise bargaining rocks image

“More than 2.6 million working Australians and over 20,000 employers have benefited from enterprise agreements made under the Fair Work Act, since it’s commencement in 2009.”

Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten has shared statistics which show the positive effect of enterprise bargaining. Enterprise Agreements are “delivering sustainable wages growth and improved workplace productivity to assist in helping businesses stay competitive.”

EAs are just one of the many ways in which to improve workplace productivity.

The significant figure of Australians benefiting from the 20,500 enterprise agreements that have been executed to date is extremely impacting and is a clear motivator for those who have not yet experienced the wonders of enterprise bargaining to get on board.

The recent review of the Fair Work Act concluded that the Fair Work system is delivering significant wage outcomes, with enterprise bargaining outcomes reflecting different conditions in the varying industry sectors.

In summary, the enterprise bargaining system provided by Fair Work is flexible, delivers sustainable and appropriate wage outcomes and can be adjusted to deliver productive, competitive and fair outcomes for Australian employers and employees in any workplace. Put simply, Enterprise bargaining rocks!

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