Exciting new changes for EXO Employer Services – Coming in 2016

The 2015.03 release, due to be released mid January 2016, will add new features to EXO Payroll, including new list windows, new reporting options and updates to superannuation provider configuration. Updates to the EXO Employee Information modules and general improvements to the backup process are also included.

Upcoming new features to 2015.03 Release

New List Windows
Two new list windows are available in EXO Payroll for viewing employees and pays. These windows provide easy access to all employees and pays in the system by displaying a filterable list of records, as well as action buttons that let you create, view, edit or report on records.

employee listpay list

Buttons at the bottom of the window provide easy access to common pay functions:
• The Report button opens the standard Select Report window that contains all EXO Payroll reports.
• The Pay Sheet button opens the Pay Sheet report.
• The Direct Credit button opens the Direct Credit Transfer window.
• The Update button lets you update the selected open pay. (The button is disabled when a closed pay is selected.)

Clicking the Create button opens the new Create Pay window, which allows you to create a new Current or One Off Pay.