EXO Business 2015.4.0 Release

bank feeds

The latest release of MYOB EXO Business introduces a new function: Bank Feeds. Included in the EXO Finance module, it securely connects your bank accounts to your MYOB EXO Business software. This offers huge time saving benefits as it has the smarts to match bank transactions with your sales, expenses and payments.

Watch the video introduction to Bank Feeds.

What else is new in the release?

For the loyal MYOB EXO Business customers the latest release offers a raft of productivity additions to save time and effort. These improvements include:

  • Extra fields on works orders to make they more functional and easier to use
  • Updates to document management including document drag and drop, document attachments to purchase orders and source documents on creditors invoices
  • EXO Protocol improvements opening contacts in core or CRM

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