Exporting worksheet data directly to Excel

Please note: The following change of behaviour when exporting worksheet data to Excel has been resolved in the latest Maze Update QR15627.

How to confirm if the Update has been applied to your computer
In the Maze ‘Help-About’ screen check to ensure that the update has been installed. The ‘Platform Updates’ tab should show QR15627.

A change in behaviour has been identified in the Maze 9.6 program when exporting Maze Worksheet data directly to Excel. Attempting to summarise a range of cells, columns or rows e.g. using the SUM, AVERAGE, MAX or MIN functions no longer works without undertaking additional formatting steps. The following steps (using the Paste Special command) are required to work around this issue for the time being.

1. After exporting to Excel, type the value 1 in any blank cell in the Excel spreadsheet.

2. Make sure the cell you typed 1 in is formatted as a number.

exporting to excel4

3. Select the cell in which you typed 1, and then right click and choose Copy.

4. Select the cells with the values that you want to convert to numbers.

convert the numbers5

5. Right click and choose Paste Special…

paste special6

6. Under Operation, click Multiply and then click OK.


7. You should now be able to summarise a range of cells to obtain a value.

selected worksheet8