Perform a backup in MYOB EXO

We have prepared an add-on for MYOB EXO which can provide you with a backup facility in EXO that can be run any time. It is important to back up regularly!

Go to File | Database tools

You should see two options:
Backup & Backup Live Database Restore to Test

If you aren’t seeing these menu options and you would like this add-on feature implemented, please contact us


If you want to perform a backup choose the Backup option and then Y at the next screen


You will then be presented with this screen but you don’t need to type anything here. It does help if you can provide a comment which describes why the backup is being performed, or you can leave it black and just select OK.


Once the backup is complete (it should only take around 10-20 seconds) you will receive the following message:


The backup will be created with the company name at the start and then the date and time embedded within the backup file name.

If you would like to perform a restore, please contact Acacia and we will assist you.