How to Setup a Payroll Payment schedule for a higher duties allowance in Attaché

1. Go to Masterfiles / Payroll / Employee Standard Pays / Maintain – choose the employee you require
2. Enter a blank line and choose A (Allowance) in New Line Type
3. Choose Find (F2) and select HIGH (Higher Duties Allowance)
4. Complete the Cost Centre field if required
5. Type a reference in the Payment Schedule Reference field, this will allow you to easily identify the payment schedule. Select Schedule (F5) to open the Payment Schedule Maintenance
6. Type a description for the schedule in the Description field
7. Select Show on Pay Advice checkbox. This prints the contents of the Description field on the pay advice. (Note that the description cannot be shown on continuous pay advices.)
8. Choose Each Pay in the Pay Frequency area to include this allowance in every pay. (Depending upon conditions entered in Payment Parameters)
9. Enter an appropriate Start Date and Stop Date for the allowance, in the Payment Parameters area.

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