Introducing MYOB Advanced

Introducing MYOB Advanced

At Acacia Consulting Services, we specialize in helping Small to Medium Sized Businesses get on with what they do best.

And Enterprise Resource Planning software can help businesses do that.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software can be used to connect every part of your business.  Integrating your Accounts department with your Sales department, who in turn need to know what is happening in the warehouse and when the next orders are coming in or going out.

Stock control, invoices, distribution, inventory, sales, CRM ( Client Relationship Management ), job costings, finance – all can be controlled and accessed via an ERP solution.


MYOB Advanced is a cloud based ERP solution, created and served by MYOB.

MYOB Partners – such as Acacia Consulting Services – help to plan, co-ordinate, implement and customise MYOB Advanced for businesses around Australia, New Zealand and the world.

In a nutshell, MYOB Advanced is a simple and easy to use accounting, cash flow reporting, GST and multi-currency management cloud based software tool.

MYOB Advanced can help you and your team to:

  • Stay in control of your stock quantities and costs across multiple warehouses.
  • Easily manage your sales pipeline of prospects, customers and contacts.
  • Keep track of orders, deliveries, back orders and special pricing promotions.
  • Accurately manage your margins with easy tracking of supplier price lists, purchase orders and landed costs.
  • Reduce admin by allowing your customers to view their account details, invoices and statements online.
  • Create customisable dashboards and real-time reporting.
  • Get the information you need about your business – immediately.


MYOB Advanced Product Walk Through


Makes Managing Easy

The general ledger in MYOB Advanced Business automatically collects and reports on all accounting transactions, leaving you free to manage your business.

With MYOB Advanced you can:

  • Quickly complete admin tasks with the integrated cashbook.
  • Monitor your business in real-time with detailed analytical reports including profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow reporting.
  • Create on screen dashboards customised to you and your team’s needs.
  • Quickly prepare BAS and GST reports for submission to the ATO or IRD.
  • Easily export data to Microsoft Excel to send to your accountant for further analysis and review.
  • Keep your accountant in the loop by sharing your books with them online.
  • Use the built in tools that make bank reconciliation easy.


Advanced Business Inventory Management

MYOB Advanced lets you take control of your inventory and distribution process, keep track of quantities on hand and monitor your inventory costs across multiple locations.

With MYOB Advanced you can:

  • Track inventory quantities, costs and commitments by location.
  • Record the supplier details of each inventory item.
  • Easily maintain customer price lists, discounts and promotional pricing.
  • View and manage inventory mark up and margin at both item and group level.
  • Have the flexibility to value your stock using standard, moving average, FIFO and item-specific inventory methods levels, replenishment rules and historical sales data analysis.


Simple Yet Powerful Customer Management

You can streamline your sales, prospecting and customer management processes with easy to use CRM features that integrate with your accounting and stock control.

  • Easily manage your sales pipeline of prospects, customers and contacts.
  • Track and record all your tasks, activities and email conversations with customers and prospects.
  • At the click of a button convert your prospects into customers and easily create sales orders.
  • Reduce the workload of your sales and admin staff by giving your clients secure access to their account details, invoices and statements.


Easily Manage Quotes, Sales Orders and Purchasing

MYOB Advanced streamlines and helps you to:

  • Reduce the time between sales order and delivery, and improve productivity with tools that make it easy to manage the complexities of the quoting and order process.
  • Efficiently manage sales orders and automate your shipping and back order processes.
  • Capture the true cost of purchasing by calculating accurate landed costs to better forecast profits.
  • Provide better on-the-spot customer support with real-time information on stock availability.
  • Easily control multiple warehouse operations.
  • Better manage the purchasing process with full visibility of your stock on hand and customer commitments.


Straightforward Monthly Pricing Plans Deliver Better Value

MYOB Advanced is available for a convenient monthly subscription payment, making it easier to plan and manage your business expenses throughout the year.

You can change your subscription plan to best suit your changing business needs.


Flexibility To Change With You

With no hardware to maintain you can enjoy the wide ranging functions of MYOB Advanced without the need for complex and expensive servers or upgrading and maintaining your IT hardware.


Easy Knowledge And Document Sharing

Create, edit and share policy and procedure manuals, manage a knowledge base and create news and announcements using the integrated business wiki.

You can also control, share and work on your business’s frequently updated documents and share these with your team.


Extend To Suit Your Needs

MYOB Advanced has powerful customisation and integration features and application program interfaces (APIs).

This means that you can tailor the entire system to suit your business needs.

  • Extend the power of MYOB Advanced by integrating it with external applications such as websites, service or CRM systems.
  • Set up scheduled imports of data from Excel or from external sources such as your e-commerce website.
  • Enhance existing functionality with add-ons available from independent software vendors.


Best In-Class Security

The MYOB Advanced suite is a fully integrated and completely customisable business management solution, designed to meet the cloud computing needs of a growing business.

MYOB has partnered with Amazon’s data centre in Sydney to offer you the most secure best-in-class, high availability experience.  This partnership ensures that your data is stored locally and protected using the latest technology.


Speaking Of Partnerships….

Acacia Consulting Services is an accredited MYOB Advanced Partner.

We can help you get the most out of your new MYOB Advanced setup, implementation and use.

We can provide you and your team with training and ongoing support so that you can extract the most out of your software and use it to enhance, build, monitor, grow and expand your business.

Call us on ph +61 3 8560 5220 or Contact Us to discuss your business needs today.


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