Is your stock all over the place?

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Find out how you can get your stock under control with MYOB EXO Business

MYOB EXO Business has the ideal integrated stock management system for larger businesses. Its powerful features bring all your inventory management systems into the one place.

What will you learn in the online seminar?

In just one hour, you’ll learn how the powerful stock control functionality in EXO Business gives you full visibility of every stock movement. Here’s a snapshot of what we will cover:

  • Complete stock visibility – see real-time stock information across the whole organisation.
  • Multicurrency management – manage foreign transactions, exchange rates, tax and multiple currencies through one system- giving a true cost per item of stock.
  • Customised reporting – see what’s selling and what’s not, so you can quickly respond to your clients’ needs.
  • Set individual pricing policies – EXO Business allows you to set discounts by product, groups, bulk discounts or order type.
  • Manage profitability in real time – tighter cost control through increased visibility of an item’s profitability and less wasted stock.

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