JobKeeper and Attache

JobKeeper and Attache

We are getting lots of calls and enquiries about how to deal with JobKeeper payments in Attache.

“What buttons do I click on ?”

“How do I account for JobKeeper inside Attache ?”

There are several moving parts – and many unique rules applicable for you and your business that may differ from other businesses.  Please discuss your specific requirements with your Accountant and the ATO.

There is probably no need to remind you but…..Acacia is not a registered Tax Agent (so you should confirm this with your legal advisors), but we can provide you with the steps to assist you with JobKeeper.

However, Step 1 is to actually apply for the JobKeeper payments.  See our blog post $1500 JobKeeper Payments for further links and information.

Step 2 is to understand some of the “who/what/when/where/why” and some generic “how”.

This video by The Association of Payroll Specialists here in Australia provides an excellent overview in “plain speaking” language..

Step 3 is to click on the following link to find out how to take JobKeeper payments into account within Attache.  This will take you to the Attache Help website for their official recommendations : 

JobKeeper and Attache


We at Acacia Consulting Services are here to help you and your business weather this current storm.

If you have any questions about current trading conditions, your business and its options, your software, or even if you want a friendly and familiar voice to chat with, please Contact Us or call us on ph +61 (3) 8560 5220  .


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