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I know a lot of business owners who love their business in the same depth you could love another person. The amount of passion, drive, thought and time put into many businesses can equal or sometimes surpass those of a romantic relationship.

And the love affairs tend to follow the same path too. It is all very exciting when you start a business. Days are filled with passion, commitment and an unwavering drive to ensure the business succeeds. Anyone who thinks otherwise is disregarded as you dive head over heels into the relationship.

However, maintaining the same level of excitement and passion becomes challenging after a few years. It’s not because you don’t love your business, but by this stage it’s rare for something new to happen. You start to become… complacent!

Before you know it, 10 years have gone by and everything becomes a routine. There’s very little to learn about your business or industry and you’re running on autopilot.

At this point, why you started this business is often a distant memory. You start wondering why you laboured for so long, or even worse, you start thinking maybe it’s time to cash your chips and walk away.

See how similar it can be to a relationship? Well, like any relationship, sometimes it may need a bit of work to rekindle the love and excitement from the start. Here are 3 ways business owners can jump start love for their business again.

1. Get outside help

I’m not suggesting couple’s therapy, but sometimes an outside perspective can help remind why you loved your business or industry at the start and help rekindle some of that passion.

If you started your business out of a desire to do something better, be cheaper, provide the best customer service or just to make a heap of money to retire early on, it may help fire up that passion again by focusing on why you started, taking stock of where you are, and planning where you need to be to achieve what you set out to do.

2. Spend more time on the things you enjoy

I have 2 great friends that have been together for 13 years now. Everyone could tell they loved each other. But with 3 kids and two full on jobs there was little time for each other.

Seeing the signs that they were drifting apart, they tried to free up time. They hired cleaners, planned and cooked meals in advance, and one of them even changed jobs to improve their work-life balance. Soon, they had a few hours each week just for them.

Freeing up time to focus on the important things in your businesses starts with removing all the tasks you shouldn’t be doing in the first place from getting other people to do them to automating those processes.

3. It’s the little things that count

All too often it’s the little things that manifest into serious issues, from forgetting to replace the toilet roll, forgetting important dates or even just saying ‘Thank You’.

Does thanking a staff member for completing something that’s part of their job need to be done? Especially with so many other critical things going on? A lot of business owners would say no.

But by doing so you’d be surprised at the impact it can have. So take 30 minutes today to say thanks to some staff members. Put some important dates in your calendar, from birthdays to the anniversary of your business.

The more love you show your business, the more love your staff will have for it.

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