Maze MarkBook is a fully integrated teacher assessment tool that enables teaching staff to create mark books within Maze by auto-linking students from the Maze timetable. Results are recorded directly into Maze and immediately accessible by department heads and senior management to track, analyse and report on student performance.

Extensive Functionality

  • Assessments can be configured for manual results entry or setup for auto-calculation.
  • Statistical information on assessment results automatically displayed.
  • Automatic calculation of summary results and weighted totals.
  • Automatic grade prediction based on configurable rules.
  • Automatic ranking of students.
  • Student comment available for every assessment.
  • Ability to exclude individual results from calculations.
  • Ability to estimate individual results based on configurable rules.
  • Scaled results can be recorded in addition to raw results.
  • Export of mark book data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.
  • Pre-configured printable reports at the click of a button

Benefits for Teachers

  • Improve organisation – record and keep track of assessment results electronically.
  • Easier and quicker than using an external mark book.
  • Choose when and where to mark student work using eMaze.
  • Quickly and easily prepare for parent interviews with the printable ‘student view’.

Benefits for Department Heads and Senior Management

  • Teacher mark books are stored in a central and secure location, providing you with safe and secure access to all student assessment results.
  • You can still use your favourite tools such as Microsoft Excel to analyse mark book data.

Benefits for IT support and Administrators

  • Gain peace of mind knowing the school’s confidential data is secure on your centrally managed server infrastructure.
  • No more matching of data – it’s all in the same system.
  • Save time managing external mark book packages.

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