Moving into a new financial year

The End of Financial Year proved to be a very busy time again. Thank you for your understanding if delays were experienced with requiring support.

During this time we are asked a lot of questions about the software, so we have taken the time to address the most popular!


Q When will Attaché change, so we don’t have to do End of Month?
A This has been available for a number of years.
If your company is interested in changing to Date Driven system, there are a few items that will need addressing internally to ensure the changeover is smooth.
Please contact the office to book a consultant for a 2 hour review, to discuss and assist you in implementing a date driven system.

Q We have so many Customers, Suppliers and Products that we no longer use, do we have to keep them?
A There are a number of options available to you.
You can make them Inactive – this keeps the information but removes them from appearing in search lists.
You can delete them – we recommend you follow the Deleting Master File Guide available on the My Attache website.

Q What is the current version?
A Attaché BI
Accounts and Payroll 1.15.001 Accounts and Payroll 3.1.2
Clearview 2.55 Clearview 4.24
Fixed Assets Fixed Assets

Q We have started a number of employees and when I look at their screen, they see everything. Why?
A You are easily able to print a list of User Names and Menu Access Rights. Go to Reports / Company / Setup / Menu Access Details.
We recommend you work through this report and alter accordingly. All employees do not need access to Bulk Delete for example.
Working through this, updates for the company you are currently in, remember to also look at Historical Companies. To check if employees have access to particular companies go to Reports / Company / Setup / User Details.

Q How can I send reminders to my Customers for overdue invoices?
A Using Attaché Collect?
Attache Collect is an app that automates reminders to your customers, and very easy to setup: Register, connect to your accounts company and set your reminders – that’s it!
Attaché Collect automatically reads the Customer’s due and overdue invoices and sends reminders out. The only item you need to address before using Attaché Collect is to set Customer Payment Terms. Click Attaché Collect to read more.

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