Music Module

Your school can now manage a chargeable music program using the new Maze Music Module. The Music Module covers all aspects of managing a chargeable music program, including tracking of musical instruments and their hire to students, music lessons and lesson attendance, musical groups and their members, as well as automatic generation of music related fees and charges. It benefits your school by improving administrative efficiencies, streamlines processes and minimises music related billing errors.


Maintain a Musical Instrument Register

The Music Module provides the ability to manage musical instruments via the Maze Asset ledger. This includes specifying a hire cost and tracking the instrument hire history. An instrument availability report is also available, which provides instant information on currently hired instruments as well as instruments available for hire.

Manage music teachers and their students

Lesson structures can be configured and allocated to a music teacher for each individual instrument a student is learning. Lesson attendance is recorded and flows through to the billing module. Reports are provided to show weekly lists of students per teacher, lessons taught by teacher, music teacher student load and student music lesson attendance.

Manage music groups and their members

The school groups functionality in Maze has been expanded to suit the specific requirements for music related groups and includes the option to specify multiple group related fees and rehearsal day/time information. Members can be tracked based on the date they joined/exited the group and each member can be allocated a specific role and instrument (if applicable). Through the Maze Calendar functionality music group events (such as trips, camps, concerts) can be scheduled and flow through to eMaze and the Period Based Attendance module.

Automatically generate music lessons

Music lessons for the current music period (term or semester) can be automatically generated based on the previous period’s lesson structures, with the option to exclude students who are no longer participating. Only lessons for new music students need to be manually configured.

Automatically generate fees and charges

Music lesson fees can be automatically generated based on the configured lesson structures and an individual student’s attendance. Separate processes allow for the automated billing of instrument hire fees and instrument maintenance fees (if applicable), as well as music group specific fees.

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