MYOB Advanced Upgrade – What You Need To Do

MYOB Advanced Upgrade – What You Need To Do And Know

MYOB Advanced users are probably aware that there is an upgrade coming soon to a computer near you.

Version 2019.1 of MYOB Advanced has some new bells and whistles, plus some enhancements and features that have been requested by many small businesses.  We wrote a little bit about the new features in our recent blog post: MYOB Advanced 2019.1 Release Notes.

Here at Acacia Consulting Services, we are committed to helping you with this MYOB Advanced upgrade.

There are, however, some things you need to do and some preparations you should make to ensure that your upgrade experience is seamless and minimizes disruption to your business.


Balance All Transactions

We STRONGLY recommend that all transactions that are in a balanced state and have not been released or posted should be processed prior to the upgrade being carried out.

In particular this relates to the goods receipting transactions where there has been significant change to the functionality, but in general it is good practice to carry this out throughout the system anyway.


Post All Open Batches With A Status Of “Balanced”

We also strongly recommend that you post all open batches with a status of ‘balanced’ in all modules (Sales Orders, Purchases, Inventory, People, Finance, Banking, Payables, Receivables and Fixed Assets) before your upgrade date.


Request a sandbox

We can help you set up a “sand box” – a test instance of your MYOB Advanced Upgrade using your real data, but purely in a testing scenario.  It will look, feel and behave just like a real one, but it is not live.  No transactions or entries will affect your “live” site.  Your sandbox is a pretend version that you can use purely for testing purposes.

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you test business critical functions in the sandbox site: eg processing invoicing, sales orders, running payroll, etc.


Check Your Customisations

The ability to customise and tailor a solution to the specific needs of a client is a key competitive difference to MYOB Advanced.

However, with this level of customisation comes potential maintenance required with major upgrades.

Customisations need to be tested against the new release to ensure that any changes contained within this release, do not impact the way the customisation operates.  If the customisation does not operate as expected, it may be that a new version is required in time for the major upgrade.

As part of the MYOB Advanced 2019.1 upgrade, new versions of customisation may need to be applied to a site.  Currently updating the customisation is a manual process that needs to be carried out by partners such as Acacia Consulting Services after your site has been upgraded.  As such, plans need to be in place post-upgrade to manage any customisations that may need to be upgraded or republished.

If you are aware of specific MYOB Advanced customisations that we have helped implement with you, please Contact Us so that we can discuss this with you.


Explore the MYOB Advanced Education Centre 2019.1 Information Hub

The MYOB Advanced Education Centre 2019.1 Information Hub has some excellent information regarding the new features.

Click the image below to watch a brief video (opens in a new tab) that showcases some of the new features.


Note Your Upgrade Window

We will be in contact with you before your upgrade date.  This MYOB Advanced upgrade is being rolled out via a staggered approach – not everyone will be upgraded all at once.

You will have been allocated an update window – a specific date or dates when your MYOB Advanced upgrade will occur.

Knowing and sharing this date with your work colleagues will allow for a smoother transition and minimize the impact (if any) the next day after your upgrade, thus ensuring your business continuity.


Note All Communications from Acacia and MYOB

Please feel free to pass on to all of your staff all communications regarding the forthcoming MYOB Advanced upgrade.  This will ensure that all personnel within your business will be aware of the new release and any potentially impacted business processes.

Some of these communications and emails will come from us at Acacia Consulting Services, while some other communications will come directly from MYOB.

MYOB Advanced Upgrade What You Need To Do And Know

Please take more than a cursory glance at these, as with all major upgrades there are new features and workflows that may result in potential changes to your business processes.   Understanding these BEFORE they occur, as well as understanding the impact that they may or may not have on your business will make things soooooooo much easier !


We hope that you – our clients – are excited about the new features included within this release and start to see the full benefits that this MYOB Advanced upgrade release can bring to your business.

If you have any questions about this MYOB Advanced upgrade, then please Contact Us and let us know !