MYOB EXO 2016.1 Release Now Available

The 2016.1 release is focussed on addressing items most requested by users and implementers of the EXO Business system. Some of these are entirely new features to the system; others are sometimes subtle but valuable changes aimed at further improving the efficiency of existing functionality or removing complexity. The changes are not localised; rather, they are across the scope of the entire EXO Business suite with circumspect changes in almost every area including Job Costing, CRM, Subscriptions, Serviceable Units, Enhanced POS and the Intercompany module.

Updates to Non Accounts

Active Flag

A new Active flag is available on the Non Account Details window:

This flag works in the same way as the Active flag on Debtor and Creditor accounts; if the flag is unticked, then the account is inactive, and will not appear on search windows.

Restricting the Ability to Convert Non Accounts

A new User-level profile setting is available to control users’ ability to convert Non Accounts to Debtors or Creditors. When the Allow conversion of non-accounts to Debtor or Creditor accounts setting is unticked, the Convert to Debtor and Convert to Creditor buttons on the Non Account Details window are disabled. Also, when converting an Opportunity to a Sales Order in EXO CRM, users are not asked if they want to convert the Non Account on the Opportunity to a Debtor.

Composite Business Alerts

This release adds the ability to create complex Business Alert rules that reference other rules.

The Active checkbox on all rules has been replaced with a dropdown, containing the following options:

  • Active – the rule will be applied to the selected event whenever it occurs.
  • Inactive – the rule will not be applied.
  • Sub Rule – the rule will be applied when it is used as part of a composite rule. If it is not part of a composite rule, it will not be applied.

A new “Composite (list)” type is available in the Rule Type dropdown when adding a new Business Alert. If this type is selected, the event conditions are replaced with a table where you can add existing Business Alerts and specify how they should be used together:


Click Add Rule to select an existing rule to add to the composite rule. You can select any rule for the same event as the composite rule that has its status set to “Sub Rule”.

The Operator column lets you determine whether the selected rules should be evaluated with and AND or and OR condition, e.g. if rules A, B and C are all added with the AND operator, the composite rule will be triggered if all three are triggered; if the rules are added with an OR operator, the composite rule will be triggered if any one of them is triggered.

Deposits on Sales Orders in EXO POS

EXO POS now allows deposits to be entered on Sales Orders when using the shopping cart functionality.

The shopping cart is available as part of EXO POS Advantage, which is a separately licensed add-on to EXO POS.

When processing the sale through the shopping cart, if any of the lines are marked as “Order”, a new Deposit column will be available on the payment screen:

EXO POS sale

This column can be set to “Yes” to indicate that a payment line is a deposit on the order. When the Sales Order is saved, the payment will be recorded as a deposit:

sales orders

Documents on Works Orders

The Works Orders window now has a Documents tab. This tab behaves in the same way as the Documents tabs that are available on other records. You can add and remove documents using the standard document toolbar buttons, and you can attach a document by dragging and dropping it onto the Documents tab.

Line Ordering on Subscriptions

It is now possible to control the order of line items on subscriptions. New arrow buttons are available on the Subscriptions window to move line items up or down.

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