MYOB EXO 2016.2 Release Now Available

New Features of MYOB EXO Version 2016.2

Updates to the Purchase Orders Window

This release includes several changes to the Purchase Orders window, making it more powerful and flexible.

New Grid

The main grid on the Purchase Orders window has been replaced with a new grid control, adding extra functionality such as copy-paste functionality, the ability to hide and re-order columns, the ability to add Extra Fields to the grid and use search templates.

Access to the new grid is controlled by the Use old purchase order screen User-level profile setting. By default, this setting is enabled, meaning that the new grid will not appear. To activate the new grid, disable the profile setting.

purchase orders

Columns can be shown or hidden by clicking the control at the left of the column headers.

Note: Some columns can also be controlled by profile settings; if a column has been hidden by a profile setting, it cannot be shown using this control.

The new grid supports Extra Fields; any fields added to the PURCHORD_LINES table with the Grid Column option ticked will appear in the grid.

Clicking on a cell in the grid and dragging allows you to select multiple cells across one or more lines. The right-click menu for the new grid includes options to copy and paste the selected cells, so you can, for example, copy the cells to a spreadsheet, edit them, then paste the edited data back into the grid.

Note: You can select the entire grid by clicking in it and then pressing CTRL+A.


Stock Search Templates

Stock search templates are now available when searching for stock from the Purchase Orders window (previously this feature was only available from the Sales Orders and Debtors Invoice windows). When opened from a Purchase Order, the Stock Search window contains a dropdown that allows you to select a search template to apply:

PO search

Note: Stock search templates are only available when using the new Purchase Order grid

A new Purchase option is available on the Availability tab of the Search Template setup screen when editing a stock search template. Ticking this option means that the search template will be available from the Purchase Orders window.


Standard Business Reporting

Setting up EXO Business for SBR

This release adds Standard Business Reporting (SBR) features, which provide the ability to submit tax reports electronically from within EXO Business.

Please contact us on +61 3 8560 5220 to help you set this up.


Validating Addresses

The ATO requires that all addresses submitted to it comply with a specific format. You must review the address details of your own company and of all Creditor accounts that will be included in the Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR).

When gathering address details to include in the TPAR, EXO Business uses the new Purpose property of address Display Names to determine which details to include.


Taxable Payments Annual Report (AU)

The Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR) can now be submitted to the ATO electronically. The Taxable Payments Reporting Worksheet window includes new toolbar buttons for submitting the report online and managing submissions.


Clarity Report Print to File Options

The Print to File Setup window in the Clarity Report Designer has been redesigned, making it easier to produce XLS data files with properly aligned rows and columns from Clarity reports.

The window is now resizable, so it can be enlarged when there is a long list of available controls. It is now easier to see what each available control represents:

• Controls are now shown with their more user-friendly names, using the format “DataField (UserName)” for database controls, or “Caption (UserName)” for labels.
• The controls in the Selected Controls pane are now displayed in the order that they appear on the Clarity report (ordered left-to-right, top-to-bottom), rather than appearing alphabetically.

GL Trial Balance Tree Options

New options are available on the GL Trial Balance Tree window:

gl trial balance tree

Using the new check boxes, you can choose to show or hide inactive or zero-balance accounts in the tree.


Display of Currency Symbols

The currency symbols that can be defined for different currencies, e.g. €, £, ¥, are now displayed on all relevant common windows such as the Debtor and Creditor account detail windows, and the Purchase Order and Sales Order search grids, as well as on numerous reports.


Job Costing Date Validation

To better support perpetual inventory integration, validation has been added to the transactions dates entered in the following places in EXO Job Costing:

• Job Details window > Costs tab
• Job Details window > Timesheets tab
• Direct Material Entry window
• Direct Timesheet Entry window

Once a job has been saved, it is no longer possible to change a transaction’s date to one in a different period; the date can only be changed to one in the same period as the original date.

When entering transactions on the Quote/Budget tab of the Job Details window, the date defaults to the current date, unless you have not rolled over to the current period; in this case it will display the last date of the period you are currently in.

Note: The Enforce transaction period dates during invoice entry profile setting is still applicable to Job Costing; this setting is used to validate the date initially entered for a job transaction.


Extra Search Field Formatting

This release adds enhancements to the user-level profile settings that add extra fields to the various search screens and grids that support them, e.g. Extra stock items search fields, Extra creditor account search fields. The formatting of extra fields added to search windows can now be customised; these profile settings now allow entries in the format:


The new =Format parameter controls how each extra field will be formatted.


Posting GL Ledgers from the Command Line

The Post Ledgers to GL function can now be run from the command line, allowing you to process the default ledger posting in a scheduled, automated, unattended mode out of hours. To run the posting process from the command line, run Exonet.exe with the /POST_LEDGERS flag

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