MYOB Exo Release 2018.3

We are pleased to announce that a new release of MYOB Exo Business is here – MYOB Exo Release 2018.3.

The MYOB Exo Business Release 2018.3 includes a variety of updates that improve the usability of the Exo Business system by simplifying and enhancing common business processes.

What’s new MYOB Exo Release 2018.3?

New features include:

  • Include a new Memo type for Extra Fields
  • The ability to send emails from activities
  • A configurable dashboard tab for Serviceable Units
  • Improvements to the bank reconciliation process
  • Range of interface updates

The MYOB Exo release 2018.3 includes a variety of updates across the Exo Business system, driven primarily by partners prioritised representations of users’ needs and ideas.

These updates include a new Memo type for Extra Fields, the ability to send emails from activities, a configurable dashboard tab for Serviceable Units, and improvements to the bank reconciliation process together with a range of interface updates that improve system usability.

You can Download the full MYOB Exo Business 2018.3 Release Notes here.

Should I upgrade?

MYOB regularly releases updates to MYOB Exo so that customers can benefit from improved functionality and bug fixes – an easy way to improve efficiency in your business.

To benefit from the latest, most up-to-date features we recommend that you upgrade annually.

This will also ensure that your version of MYOB Exo remains fully compatible with Microsoft software and operating systems, as well as other integrated software solutions that may be present in your business: such as printers and printer drivers, PDF creation software and many others.

It is also a very good idea to ensure that your staff’s MYOB training relates to the Exo version they are using.

Who can I speak to? 

Acacia Consulting Services consultants’ can help you evaluate the benefit you will get from an upgrade, and in particular to the MYOB Exo release 2018.3.

For more information on this release or if you wish to upgrade, please contact us on ph +61 3 8560 5220 or email…..or simply Contact Us.

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