MYOB EXO Time and Attendance

Schedule rosters and track employee hours including overtime

MYOB EXO Time and Attendance automatically calculates hours worked, loadings and allowances to help you maintain an accurate roster system.

The resulting data is translated across to EXO Payroll for processing payroll processing and job costing/cost centre analysis, ensuring compliance with the requirements of superannuation legislation.

If you roster employees then this is the perfect module for you as you can track labour costs and create management and accounting reports while complying with Work

Key Benefits & Features

  • Sophisticated time-capturing applications to help manage your payroll
  • Process weekly totals automatically (and transfer to MYOB EXO Payroll)
  • Predict payroll costs based on rosters
  • Labour costs can be tracked
  • View employees full history
  • Track and manage employee attendance
  • Plan staff levels to suit your workflow
  • Ensures compliance with Work Choices legislation

MYOB EXO Time and Attendance Screenshots