MYOB EXO Version 2015.2.0 Now Released

What’s New in 2015.2.0?

The primary benefits of the 2015.2.0 are a number behind the scenes technical performance improvements that have the potential to improve the general experience for the user.  Particularly so for larger businesses using Sales orders, and Serial numbers.

Other significant improvements include improved business logic locking and a small number of partner requested defects.


EXO CRM Sales Orders

MYOB changed the licensing of EXO CRM such that all users of EXO CRM can now take advantage of full sales order entry functionality, up to the point of supplying and invoicing, including stock allocation.  This represents a significant expansion in functionality for no additional cost.  Previous to this, users were required to purchase EXO CRM Advantage.

We highly recommend this upgrade to clients who are already on recent versions (8.7.x onwards) as it offers compelling benefits at a low cost of implementation.


Upgrade of your System

Do you need to consider upgrading to the latest version? Are there features within the software that you are not utilising?

To check what version you are on

Go to Help | About to check which version you are on.



If you would like to upgrade your system or you have any queries, please contact us or submit a task via the Client Portal.

Thank you & Kind Regards Acacia Consulting Services