Overcoming the blind spots in your business management processes

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How integrated software management systems can save you time and money

Many businesses struggle with systems and procedures that don’t give them the full picture of their business.  All too often growing businesses find themselves wrestling with an assortment of software that can’t share information, double handles data and creates serious efficiency management issues from stock control to sales management. The cause of these inefficiencies are quite common.  When businesses start up they usually install some business management software that will take care of most accounting functions.  As the business grows, additional software is “band aided” on to the business to effectively track stock movements, sales opportunities and staffing requirements.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but pretty soon the software that was installed to make things easier is creating just as many problems as it was meant to solve.

Your people are confused by siloed systems that tell them different things and you have office staff who are wasting time and money trying to reconcile and input data at least twice before being able to get a full picture of where your business is at.

The problems just keep on coming and the trouble is that your systems create blind spots that you can’t see because they just can’t do it.  Problems that cost you time and money – problems like

Wasted Employee Productivity

It does not matter what stage your business is at, you always want your staff operating at optimal productivity and you want to give them every opportunity to do that. When employees have to overcome hurdles created by inefficient and fragmented procedures, errors naturally increase and with those errors time is taken away from more important responsibilities.  Key components of your business like order processing, invoicing and expense management drag out in processing time.

Lack of Real-time Visibility

When you work with un-integrated software systems and have multiple overlapping databases, it is almost impossible to get a clear view of business performance in an easy to read fashion. Being able to access coherent timely reports showing performance across all facets of your business gives you the right information you need to make informed business decisions. Many businesses find the time taken to get and analyse this data simply isn’t worth the effort and end up giving up.  Even those that do, waste far too many hours attempting to co-relate unconnected, error ridden, and outdated information. This results in, businesses either taking too long to make critical decisions, or they fall into the trap of making gut decisions.

Integration Complexity and Cost

It is not rocket science – systems that aren’t integrated cause headaches. It’s a never ending cycle of constantly patching things together and upgrading software systems.

Increased Customer Churn

Growing your customer base and growing revenue are the two vital elements that will ensure your business’ success. Keeping customers should be easier than getting new ones, provided that you give them exceptional customer service. If your customer service is not up to speed you will find that your business loses customers as quickly as you win them. Customers want to be given quick reliable information about orders and service issues and they want stock to be available when they want it, not in six weeks’ time.

These problems are all avoidable when you use an integrated software package. When you have one integrated software system you gain:

  • Increase processing efficiency across the organisation. No more double handling, reduced errors and a streamlined system all deliver real gains in efficiency.
  • Better information available in real time. The more relevant and timely information that you are armed with, the more confident you can be in your business decision making.
  • Time and cost savings in IT. It is easier to manage one system than to juggle two or more.
  • Greater potential for growth. When you have one system and integrated accounting processes, scaling up and expanding into new locations is easier and less costly.
  • Better customer service outcomes and greater sales potential. Supplying your front line staff with coherent clear information allows them to deliver better customer service.

At Acacia consulting services we can assist you to remove those blind spots that have serious consequences for your business.  We can help you to tailor an integrated software system that will cater for your business’ specific needs and requirements.


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